Problem based Project Work at Aalborg University

As a student at AAU you will work closely together with your fellow students by way of problem based project work. The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL) enjoys great interest both nationally and internationally, and UNESCO has placed its only Professorial Chair in PBL at AAU.

Problem based Project Work

“An interesting research project begins with a good question. The answers are all out there and with the Problem based Learning (PBL) methods you learn to ask the correct question in order to retrieve the answers you need.”
Evgenius Vlachos, student at Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark

Evgenios Vlachos, M.A. Programme in Human Centered Informatics

Problem based project work at Aalborg University

Once you have formed a project group, you need to define a problem together that you want to examine. The problem forms the basis of your project and you are to a great extent responsible for defining this yourselves within a set though often very broad theme frame. See examples of AAU student projects. The project work is completed with an exam. While working on your project, you will also need to do individual exams in your subjects. The project work together with lectures, literature and cooperation with the corporate sector will help you gain a deeper insight into the subject you are examining than if you had been working on your own.

Become well equipped for the modern labour market

The project work at Aalborg University gives you an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Often, students at AAU do their project work in cooperation with different enterprises. Just imagine how exciting it is to work with, for instance, a satellite or an advertising campaign in practice. When you work with problems from the ‘real world’, you reap business experience and perhaps also make good contacts that you can use when applying for a job.

Explore Real Life Problems

“Aalborg University offers great opportunities to experience project work, as it is a part of each semester program. I believe that the best results can be obtained when you work and explore real life problems, which is always the case at AAU.”
Greta MinelgaitÄ—, student at Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark

Greta MinelgaitÄ—, Environmental Engineering

Assistance for project work

For each project, you will be assigned a supervisor, i.e. a professor or another academic member of staff who will guide you in your project work. However, the group has the overall responsibility for defining and writing the project. You will arrange your own supervision meetings with you supervisor. Be aware that, naturally, you do not have an unlimited number of supervision hours available. If in doubt about anything, please do ask your supervisor. The relationship between supervisors/teachers and students at AAU is very informal and usually staff and students are on first-name term with each other.

Literature for the project

Access to articles and literature is vital when you do your project work. In Aalborg, AAU has a large central library (AUB) as well as a number of small subject-specific libraries located across the university. The libraries are well-stocked with regard to electronic editions of recognised journals as well as dissertations, books from the University’s own press, common literature etc. AUB is very popular both as a library and a place of work particularly for international students. 

Group examination at AAU

Group examination at Aalborg University is used when students are tested in their project work. Group examinations are a natural extension and conclusion to your project work. During the examination, you and your group mates will each make a small presentation, and you will each be tested individually. Although you will be evaluated on the basis of your individual performances, being examined alongside your group mates can add more perspectives to discussions and you can supplement and support each other during the examination. 


Students doing problem based project work at Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark in Scandinavia