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Medialogy (Copenhagen, Aalborg, Esbjerg)

Are you interested in design and the technologies used within film, sound, computer games, digital animations and graphics? Do you want to learn to develop computer games, computer-generated animated films in 3D environments and interactive media productions? If so, Medialogy at Aalborg University is your choice of Master's programme.


To be successful in today’s media society, you should be able to bridge the gap between technology and creativity. At Medialogy your creativity is what starts the process – and we give you the opportunity to study the interaction between technological science and the ways it is applied.

At Medialogy, you will gain knowledge about film, animation and music technology and learn how design and computer science go hand in hand in today’s and tomorrow’s media productions. You will gain insight into the creative processes and thinking that precedes any media production.

You will also learn how to use technological advances in engineering science in design and production of e.g. digital creation and manipulation of sound and images, computer games, computer-generated animated films, 3D worlds and digital art.

Student testimonials


"Medialogy is a nice mix of programming, sound, graphics and interaction which gives you a broad foundation for making interactive applications. I have studied IT-related programmes before, but none of them caught my interest as well as Medialogy. The things you learn and the processes used in projects are super interesting and exciting to work with. The study form at AAU including group work and problem-based learning seems a natural way to approach projects. It also gives me an insight into how professional life works."

Walther Jensen, student 


"Medialogy is a programme where you yourself set the limits of your creativity whether you want to work with art installations, entertainment or programmes for companies.

You can evolve creatively in the digital world, and the programme appeals to those who want to work with computer games, animation and graphic interfaces." 

Iben Schandel, student


"My interest in Medialogy is the creativity and innovation that the programme encompasses. And at the same time, you get the technical skills to realise your ideas.

The group work and project-oriented study form at Aalborg University has positively surprised me, and I can’t imagine studying in another way. You learn so much from group- and project work that you can take with you in your future career or studies."

Jan Detlefsen, student