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Academic content · Industrial Design (Architecture & Design) (Aalborg)

The Msc programme in Industrial Design at Aalborg University, Denmark is divided into four semesters running respectively from September to January and from February to June (January and June partly reserved for exams). Thus, students will typically complete the programme in 2 years.

Each semester in Industrial Design is sub divided into three or four course modules and one project module. All courses are conducted in English. Below you will get a quick overview of the Industrial Design programme:


The Theme of semester is the Product Development for a Client; the process from defining “what to design” to the detailed construction of critical components, while understanding and integrating the companys brand, business, users, market, production and manufacturing capability into the proposed solution.

  • Project - Corporate Product Development (10 ECTS)
  • Course - Production and Economy (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Integrated Design Theory and Methodology  (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Component Construction (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Advanced Integrated Design: Pre-Phase (5 ECTS)

Sketching as design method at Industral Design Aalborg University Denmark


The Theme of 2.nd semester is Product Development for a Sector where the process starts with identifiyng ill-defined, through market definition and design brief into a business concept proposal including a well designed product/service for a self-chosen organisation (company or start-up) in a specified sector.

  • Project - Sector Product Development (15 ECTS)
  • Course - Process Technology and Material Characteristics 2: Flexible Automation (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Techology and Form (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Advanced Integrated Design: Business Development (5 ECTS)


The 3rd semester theme is a dive into a self-schosen aspect of the Engineering Design field, through research oriented simulations and investigations into a particular aspect, method or approach within an open interpretation of “Process management”, “Technology interaction” and “Ergonomic design and simulation.” which also represents the elective course that goes with the project.

  • Project - Engineering in the Design Field: Value, Method and Approach (20 ECTS)
  • Course - Project, Design and Construction Management (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Advanced Simulation Methods 1: Process Management
  • Course - Advanced Simulation Methods 2: Technology Interaction (5 ECTS)
  • Course - Advanced Simulation Methods 3: Ergonomic Design and Simulation Interaction (5 ECTS)
    (choose two of the courses)

  • Project -Internship (25 ECTS)
  • Course - Project, Design and Construction Management (5 ECTS)

  • Study at another University (30 ECTS)

  • Long Master’s Thesis (+30 ECTS)

MSc04 - Master's Thesis

  • Master's Thesis (30 ECTS)

You can read about the industrial design courses, the study format, study trips etc. at the local homepage for Industrial Design at AAU.

If you are curious to see examples of how project work is conducted in the study programme of Industrial Design at Aalborg University, Denmark, please take a look at some industral design student projects.

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