Study at AAU in Aalborg

Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth biggest city and with its approximately 125,000 inhabitants, it is of a manageable size. As a student at Aalborg University, you can enjoy Aalborg’s many opportunities with regard to cultural experiences, sports and spare time activities.

In recent years, Aalborg has undergone a transformation from an industrial city to a city of knowledge and culture. The city’s development is particularly apparent at the harbour promenade where a lively urban and cultural life comprises cafes, cultural event venues and sports facilities has replaced factories and smoking chimneys. As an international student at AAU your chances of finding accommodation in Aalborg are also great.

As a student at Aalborg University, you can participate in activities in the campus area, e.g. as a volunteer at AAU’s cafes or in the film club.

Programmes at AAU Aalborg

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