Accommodation in Aalborg

When you arrive in Aalborg in order to begin your studies at AAU, Aalborg University’s International Accommodation Office (IAO) will assist you in finding a place to live.

Accommodation in Aalborg

“I live at a "kollegium"
(dormitory) and I like it very much. You live together with other students and this gives you a basis to socialise from the start. In my kollegium, we also organise several activities such as a parties, a sports day, barbecues, a big Christmas dinner etc. In other words, there is almost always something going on at my kollegium and always someone to talk to.” Tom Raes

Tom Raes, Culture, Communi- cation and Globalization

Different types of accommodation

The types of accommodation offered to you by AAU’s International Accommodation Office include a single room in a private house, a hall of residence room or a large flat shared with other students. The rent and location vary according to the type of housing. Most flats are located in or in the vicinity of the centre of Aalborg, approximately 5-6 km from the University’s main campus, while the halls of residence are located relatively closer to the main campus. See more information about prices, application deadlines etc.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my new address and the key for my room?
You will receive your new address by e-mail. You will receive the key on arrival, along with your tenancy agreement.

Is it possible to request a certain type of accommodation?
No, it is not possible to request a certain type of accommodation. While you may ask for a certain type of accommodation, we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated the specific type of accommodation requested.

What are the living expenses for a student in Aalborg?
The living expenses for a student in Aalborg.

When and how can I apply for accommodation in Aalborg?
When you have received your arrival guide you will find a link to apply for accommodation.

When and how will I receive my deposit?
Information about housing deposit.

Can I see pictures of my accommodation?
No, this service is currently not available.

Have you received my pre-paid deposit?
As soon as the IAO has registered your pre-paid deposit you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please allow up to two weeks before you receive the confirmation. 

Please note; The furnishing in the video clip below is not standard for accommodation rented through the IAO.